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MUR Episode 61 & 61.5 Live: In Too Deep Player Cards and Devil Reef Card Preview!

 Hey everyone! In case you missed the live episodes or if you want to revisit them, Episode 61 and Episode 61.5 are up on our Youtube ! In 61 we talk about the new player cards in In Too Deep and in 61.5, we share a preview card, Butterfly Effect, from the upcoming Devil Reef mythos pack. Check it out below.  For those others who appreciate the art of Adam S. Doyle, check out his site here ! If you enjoy the cast and want a way to support us, we have a  Patreon !  Donations are appreciated for helping to keep the cast doing cool things.  Follow us on Twitch to get a notification when we next go live! Listen here on iTunes! or here on Stitcher! Or if you prefer the Soundcloud: Miskatonic University Radio · MUR Episode 61 LIVE: In Too Deep!

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