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Miskatonic University Radio Episode 74: Edge of the Earth News

 Hey everyone!  Miss us on Thursday for the live stream?? Well come listen to Episode 74! It's available at your favorite place of podcast listening. Who's ready for an adventure down south? The next expansion announcement is upon us and is it an announcement ! Who's got questions for Danforth? Who wants to ride some dog sleds? Lets talk about all the news coming at you from MJ and the team about Edge of the Earth! If you enjoy the cast and want a way to support us, we have a  Patreon !  Pledges are appreciated for helping to keep the cast doing cool things. We record some episodes live! If you'd like to join us in the chat next time, be sure to follow us on  Twitch  to get a notification when we go live!  Subscribe to us on  YouTube  to check out our recorded streams when they go up; in case you want to see our faces, weird background art, or follow along with the card images. Listen here on iTunes! or here on Stitcher! Or if you prefer the Soundcloud: Miskatonic Unive

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