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Episode 99: The Scarlet Keys and Spooky Cheese with MJ and Duke!

Hey everyone! Episode 99 is here! This episode, we talk with the designers of Arkham Horror, MJ Newman and Duke Harris! We also get into the last spoiler from The Scarlet Keys, but at this point that's ancient (internet) history. If you want to check that out, you can find it here ! Ever wanted to hear how fast a wombat can actually run? How about the most successful animal in the world? Well you'll find none of those answers in this cast, but you will hear some great conversations about cheese and scarlet things!  To keep up with all the spoilers coming, check out the super helpful community announcement sheet here: TSK Community Announcements Sheet This episode was recorded live! If you'd like to join us in the chat next time, be sure to follow us on  Twitch  to get a notification when we go live!  Subscribe to us on  YouTube  to check out our recorded streams when they go up; in case you want to see our faces, spooky background art, or follow along with the card images!

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