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MUR Episode 71: Multiplayer Arkham 101

 Hello Listeners! It's time for class. But don't worry, it'll be interesting. I promise. More like genetics or number theory than ornithology or reading any amount of Chaucer or something. Because we've had enough of birds and raving madmen in our lives. Episode 71 is about friends! More specifically: how to support your friends while playing Arkham Horror: The Card Game! Ever wonder why all forms of communication with your best bud ceased after you brought your chaos drafted Calvin deck to their house? Or why your LGS started telling you they changed their hours to be closed when you're off work after you brought Lola to their Blob event? (You swear you see their lights on!), find out in this episode of MUR!  If you enjoy the cast and want a way to support us, we have a  Patreon !  Pledges are appreciated for helping to keep the cast doing cool things. We record some episodes live! If you'd like to join us in the chat next time, be sure to follow us on  Twitch

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