Miskatonic University Radio Episode 38: The Dark Side of the Moon!


Hey, you.

Yeah, you. 

MUR is back with episode 38, where we talk about the player cards in the newest pack: The Dark Side of the Moon! -- No clapping, though, just happy jazz hands. Yeah, just like that. Now you might be thinking-- How can we host a podcast where we talk about all the cards without sound? Well, dear listener, we just do. Does that mean we generate our own atmospheres complete with oxygen for sound waves to travel to your ears? Are we transmitting these messages right into your brain via telepathy? Probably not. But always remember:

"In space, everyone can hear you review cards"

~ Some fictional scientist, Somewhere, 2020

Miskatonic University Radio Episode 37: The Seekers of Arkham!

Hello everyone!

Episode 37 of MUR is here! Which are your favorite investigators to find clues with? How do you evaluate those investigators' strengths and weaknesses? Today, we confront the class closest to clue finding: the seekers of Arkham!

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Miskatonic University Episode 36: (Exactly) One Thousand Shapes of Horror and PAXU Blob Appreciation!


Welcome to Episode 36! In this episode we talk about shapes! We, here at MUR, always want you to be prepared. We've taken the time to put together a primer on shapes for you, to get your mind in the zone for the episode.

  ... and by "put together", I mean google. Very hastily.

These aforementioned shapes are none other than the player cards in the newest scenario pack: A Thousand Shapes of Horror!

In addition: We want to provide a HUGE shout-out to all those who came to the MUR PAX Unplugged The Blob That Ate Everything events! It was wonderful seeing everyone-- we had 48 in attendance over both days, and we have you, the attendees, the incredible PAXU Enforcers team and the amazing Colin George to thank! A special shout out to E. Hare and NJ who made our space to play possible! Though our Friday night group met an unfortunate demise, Saturday's investigators successfully fought off the blob with ~36 minutes to spare!

Here's some photos from the e…

Miskatonic University Radio Episode 35: Betrayal at the Mountains of Madness with Tim Fletcher!

Hello investigators!

Though we're gearing up for PAXU this weekend, Episode 35 is here! In this episode we talk to Tim Fletcher! Tim is a game designer by day and designer of the fan-made campaign Betrayal at the Mountains of Madness by night. That's right. Campaign. As in 8 FULL scenarios. Tim's got a mission: To bring you fine-tuned, real, action-packed adventures

Be sure to check out Tim's blog, where he provides updates for all things BaTMoM here

In addition-- we bring you the WINNERS of #BlackestFriday2019 contest! To all those who submitted: Thank you for allowing us to revel in your anguished #AutofailFaces!! It was a wonderful experience participating in the contest again and all of your entries were enjoyable to see.

With that said, we bring you your #BlackestFriday2019 contest placements. We wanted to start with a few honorable mentions who we felt provided tough competition and who truly embodied the meaning of #AutoFailFace.

Thank you to Kevin from the UK,…

#BlackestFridayContest Update and PAX Unplugged Events: The Blob That Ate Everything!

Hey everyone!
Just providing a ONE WEEK REMINDER that we and Colin George will be hosting The Blob That Ate Everything at PAX Unplugged this year! We have two spreadsheets to sign up with that I'll include further down in the post. 
We're planning on starting the Friday event at 8pm and the Saturday event by 11am. We're planning to be set up for 7:45pm on Friday and on Saturday at 10:30am, so that we can have time to provide promos, take giveaway signups and have everyone situated. Keep in mind that the fight against The Blob has a maximum time limit of 3 hours! This means, with the giveaway drawing upon completion of the event, the absolute latest each event would go is ~11:15 on Friday and ~2:15 on Saturday. 
In addition: I'll be making up an emergency cache of decks for anyone who forgets a deck or brings a friend who doen't have a deck to play, but want to participate. Information on the extra decks will be in the Saturday spreadsheet! 
Link for the Friday spr…

Miskatonic University Radio Episode 34: The Search For Kadath Player Cards!

Cards! Kadath! Cats! Zoogs!

... Oh my? MUR episode 34 is here! This episode we check out the new player cards in The Search For Kadath!

A REMINDER! The Innkeeper Vase Odin has kindly given us the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Blackest Friday festivities! Information on how to enter can be found in our blog post for Episode 33! Send. Us. Your. #AutoFailFace!

ALSO! Two thirds of MUR will be attending PAX Unplugged this year, and we're being aided by the ever-vigilant Colin George! Each person attending will obtain a pair of our Charisma fan promos and a chance to win the 2017 Invocation Kit's alternate art Daisy Walker card with mini investigator token and Eixodolon's Pet playmat each day!

Friday Blob @ 8pm:

Saturday Blob @ 10:30am:…

Miskatonic University Radio Episode 33: The Guardians of Arkham and The MUR #BlackestFriday Contest!

Hello Investigators!

The next episode of MUR is here! In this episode we take a look at each investigator in the guardian class! Ever wondered which guardian might suit your style best? What each guardian's strengths and weaknesses are? We'll talk about all this and more in episode 33!

Be sure to check out mur-podcast on to see the level 0 lists of each investigator discussed this episode!

Information for #TheBlackestFriday contest is here:

Submit a picture of your #AutofailFace! Autofail Face: meaning the face you make when you draw the auto-fail token on a crucial test. Feel free to use props or cats or even submit a drawing. We'll be judging purely on what is the most interesting picture. Email your submission to and be sure to include your name and address to qualify.


Prizes for #The Blackest Friday Contest:

First Place:
Copy of Standalones (Curse of the Rougarou, Carnevale of Horrors, Labyrinths of Lunacy, Guardians of the Aby…

Investigator Insights Issue #1: Zoey Samaras!

Welcome, Investigators, to the first issue of MUR’s Investigator Insights! In this blog, our goal is to introduce and work through in-game strategy, deckbuilding and themes as they pertain to a specific investigator. For the first issue, let's talk about an investigator introduced early on in The Dunwich Legacy, Zoey Samaras! 

At age 6, Zoey was left an orphan after a fire consumed her home and the lives of her parents. As the fires overtook everything she knew, Zoey heard the voice of an entity claiming to be God. The entity told her that she had been chosen to perform His will-- to seek out and purge evil beings where they lurk in the darkness. After countless nights stalking fell beasts and unholy abominations, God had directed Zoey to Arkham, Massachusetts, where the voice told her she would receive her greatest challenge yet...

Role & Deckbuilding Hard Fighter: Zoey functions best as the main fighter in a team. Her overall stats are exemplary and her deckbuilding only helps…

Miskatonic University Radio Episode 32: Arkham Nights Recap feat. The Keeper's Nightmare and the Listener Mailbag!

Hello everyone, Episode 32 of MUR is here!

With Arkham Nights still fresh in our minds, we wanted to share our experience with you! This episode, we recount our experience inside the tenebrous and ultra-hard scenario: The Keeper's Nightmare, talk about Dane's experience with creating a card on The Card Council, open up the mailbag to address your questions, and more!

We also want to make a huge shout out to the amazing illustrator, painter and comic book artist, Andrew Del Valle! Andy worked hard on our Arkham Nights 2019 unofficial fan promo, Charisma, and we were happy to provide it to all who came by at AN!

If you are interested seeing his other artistic endeavors and supporting his art, check him out at:
Follow him on Instagram!

...Behold, the gallery of completely unprompted and unprofessional, yet very necessary pictures: 

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Miskatonic University Radio Episode 31: The Dream Eaters Player Cards

Hello Investigators!
MUR Episode 31 is here, and this episode, we're continuing to explore The Dream Eaters! Let's take a look at the player cards!
For those who are coming to Arkham Nights: be like Luke and have a wondrous journey here!

While you eagerly wait for the festivities to begin...

...Who thinks they can guess what this is?

Come find us on Saturday or Sunday and let us know what you think.

We might have something for those who do...

See you all soon!

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Miskatonic University Radio Episode 30: The Investigators of The Dream Eaters!


... Did I wake you? Good. Because MUR Episode 30 is here! Join us as we talk about the investigators in The Dream Eaters!

Disclaimer: The investigators of this Arkham Horror: The Card Game scenario will not eat your dreams. This is pure speculation and there is no evidence of anyone waking up dreamless due to purchasing The Dream Eaters deluxe box and using the investigators from it....

... yet.  

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