Miskatonic University Radio Episode 39: Deckbuilding and Doorknobs with Tim from I've Got A Plan!


It's MUR episode 39! Today, we don't have a map for where we're going...

... However we do have a guest on the cast today who will guide us through this uncharted deckbuilding territory. No, it's not Larry Anderson, the Expedition Leader-- it's Tim from the I've Got A Plan podcast!

Hold on to your cherished keepsakes this episode, as Tim challenges us to build a deck for an investigator whom none* of the MUR staff are familiar with!

Check Tim's podcast out on Youtube here: I've Got A Plan! and check it out on Soundcloud! If you want to save yourself the suspense, check out the decklist here!

*: (Ben may or may not have made a list for this investigator once a very long, long time ago. Even Ben can't remember what it looked like or how it went...)       



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