MUR's #BlackestFriday2020 Riddle Winners!

Hey Everyone! 

After a near sleepless night of riddle-weighing and cautious choices, we are announcing the winners of #TheBlackestFriday2020 MUR contest! It was seriously a tough choice. Each riddle we'd received was a delightful challenge to (attempt to) solve and we want to thank all of you for giving us your best riddles. 

Without further adieu, the two winners of #TheBlackestFriday2020 contest are: 

 Michael C. with his riddle:

"One might say I'm lonely,
Though I disagree
For there are so many
That accompany me
You see, I'm unique
In a few different ways
While my friends have to wait
'Till the upkeep phase
Some may squirm when they near
Although I don't frighten
'Tis the creatures I keep
For those I enlighten
Nor do I fret
For I think it not sin
To enjoy this nightmare
We all are trapped in."

and Erik L. with his riddle:

"First: Home of a cursed scenario with a hunt in the dark.
It's a big purchase; the state of Stella (Kowalski, not Clark).
Second: A Barkham baddie but bigger; they're in Motor City.
Knowles and Neeson have roles as this class of kitty.
Now put those together - you've got a card in this game.
But that's just what they call me. What's my real name?"

Congratulations to both of our winners! These riddles were packed with wit, charm and lyrical finesse! If you want to see all of the other entrants, or go through these with your friends, play the riddle game here (trust us, it's worth it!)

We want to thank everyone for hanging out in our live So-Long 2020 show. It was a whole ton of fun and we had an awesome year sharing our thoughts with you. A big thank you to The Innkeeper for spearheading these community festivities and we hope you all have a happy, safe holiday season!

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