Miskatonic University Radio Episode 78.9: Edge of the Earth Player Card Spoilers!

Hey folks! 

It's spoiler season, and boy, do we have some spoilers for you! The four cards FFG gave us are here!

We recorded this episode live! Speculating decks and talking cards in chat is always great fun! If you'd like to join us in the chat next time, be sure to follow us on Twitch to get a notification when we go live! 

A big thank you to all who did join us for these spoilers, and to FFG for providing us these awesome spoilers!

Here are links for each of the artist's websites:

Drazenka Kimpel's Gallery

Romana Kendelic's Gallery

Patrick McEvoy's Website

Michelle Giorgi's Portfolio

For those of you who want to check these cards out in a deck, we worked on a deck for each (and two for Jeremiah because Dane couldn't help himself)! 

Prophesie Profana Daisy Deck

Jeremiah Norman Deck 

Jeremiah Trish Deck

Gang Up with Brand of Cthugha Zoey Deck

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